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We enjoy providing engaging solutions to young and developing learners

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For us, its all about providing the best possible product with an amazing level of service and an unbeatable price - WHILE HAVING FUN!

At Education Galaxy, we enjoy providing engaging solutions to young and developing learners. When students are engaged, their capacity for learning is improved. We also very firmly believe that our program should be affordable so that schools can easily fit Education Galaxy into their budgets.

Quite simply, we are passionate about education and passionate about providing highly effective and affordable tools to teachers. Have questions, comments, or feedback? Let us know: info@educationgalaxy.com

Meet Education Galaxy

Committed to Providing World-Class Service to YOU

Jeremy Verret

Founder and CEO

Jeremy has worked in education for the last ten years, Jeremy served as Partner and Director of Sales and Sales Operations for Study Island (Archipelago Learning) and Vice President of Sales and Customer Operations for Brainchild. Jeremy’s work in the industry helped contribute to nearly one-third of the nation’s classrooms gaining access to the benefits of online assessment and learning. Now with Education Galaxy, Jeremy wants to provide an improved, more affordable online experience that puts control into the hands of our great teachers.

Jeanne Bodnar

Vice President

We are pleased to welcome Jeanne to our team. Jeanne has been a long time pioneer in the education industry and has built many tools to make classroom life easier and more enjoyable for teachers. Jeanne Bodnar founded TeacherWeb in 1996. TeacherWeb was the first of its kind to allow teachers to easily build websites to share valuable classroom information with parents and students. More than 200,000 teachers have utilized TeacherWeb. Now Jeanne is excited to focus her attention towards Education Galaxy with the goal of providing easy-to-use online and mobile assessment solutions.

James Childers


James has over 10 years of experience in Education Technology working previously with Study Island (Archipelago and Edmentum). His passion is providing excellent customer service and creating true partnerships with schools. His experience working with teachers and schools gives him immense knowledge in implementing online assessments in the classroom. James is ecstatic to join Education Galaxy to help schools have a great experience using this exciting and fun program.

Joshua Fendley M. Ed

VP of Publishing and Star Wars

Joshua Fendley has 8 years of experience in education and has a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology Leadership. During his time in education he served as a middle-school and elementary teacher, as an instructional coach and curriculum specialist, and as an interventionist. Joshua’s educational background, his knowledge of content standards, and his commitment to life-long learning makes him a master at creating lessons and assessments that are fun and engaging for students. Joshua joined Education Galaxy because he is passionate about developing and delivering content that will keep kids excited and interested in learning, and that will provide teachers with accurate and reliable assessment data.

David Lozano

VP of Strategic Sales

David has worked in Education Technology sales for 8 years. He has worked for companies like Study Island, TeacherWeb, and Macmillan New Ventures. He has a simple philosophy, take care of the customer, make friends, and they will sell the product for you. David is a results oriented professional with a vast knowledge of implementation management, education leadership with advanced qualifications in strategic planning, problem solving, teamwork, communication, marketing research, staff-development, customer service, implementation, training, competitive analysis, and sales performance. David is now thrilled to be a part of Education Galaxy…partly because he is a Sci-Fi nerd and can now add “Jedi” to his email signature.

Aaron Quiggle

VP of Operational Sales

Aaron has worked in education and educational technology for over 20 years. He taught elementary school before going to work with Study Island. Before joining Education Galaxy, Aaron also spent time in sales leadership at IStation, n2y, and Frog Street Press. Aaron is truly passionate about providing world class sales and customer experiences that help make teaching easier and positively impact the outcomes for students. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in legal studies and a Master of Arts in teaching degree, both from the University of Pittsburgh. Hail to Pitt and Go Steelers!

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